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Word of Mouth!

Word of mouth is so important when it comes to trusting the right medicare professional. Getting referrals like this one means more than I can say!

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Medicare Preventive Services

Folks want to learn how to stay healthy after age 65. Medicare provides a list of Medicare covered preventative services to use as a handy checklist when visiting your doctor for your annual check up.

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Medicare Eligibility

When folks are new to Medicare, they often have a list of questions they needs answered. One of the big ones is, “When am I eligible to enroll in Medicare?”

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Medicare vs. Medicaid

Often, folks want to understand the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare generally covers folks age 65 and older for the health care. Medicaid covers folks of all ages that need help with their premiums and coverage.

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Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is right around the corner. This is the PERFECT time to work with a Medicare Specialist to see if there is a better and more cost effective plan tailored just for you. A tailored plan works in your zip code, with your pharmacy, your...

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What Would “Medicare For All” Cover?

Folks are hearing a lot about "Medicare for All," and have lots of questions.  Some wonder if it would affect their current Medicare coverage. Would benefits be cut?  Will the cost go up? What are my choices? All great questions, that we really don't know, yet....

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Illegal Medigap practices

Often folks want to understand more about Supplement plans or “Medi Gap plans.” These plans might be a good choice for some folks wanting to add an extra plan to their Part A and Part B coverage.

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Will Medicare Cover Home Health Care?

Folks often ask me if home health care is covered by Medicare. The answer is: It Depends. If you need “skilled” nursing like physical, speech or occupational therapy, then the answer is yes. If you need unskilled labor help like: house keeping, laundry, companionship, transportation or someone to just be there with a loved one, then generally, Medicare will not cover this.

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Medicare Vaccine Coverage

Often, folks inquire about vaccinations and if they are covered by Medicare. A lot of the vaccinations are, indeed, covered by Medicare but some need to go through your Prescriptions Drug Plan (Part D).

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How to Navigate the “Medicare Maze”

Medicare can be complicated on many levels. Folks often ask me, “what is the difference between Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D?” It is important to have an understanding of what each part represents.

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VA Benefits and Medicare

If you are a VA, it is important to get Medicare Part A and Medicare Part when you become eligible.

Part A normally does not cost anything and it covers your hospitalization.

Part B costs around $135.50 per month and it covers your doctors.

You use this injunction with your VA benefits.

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“Medicare for all” Bill

"Medicare for All" has folks up in arms. Would this really happen?  Will it affect me or my Medicare coverage?  Is this a good idea?  Both sides of the isle have opinions on this matter.  I will let you decide which way you think is best.

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Medicare Part A – Hospice Coverage

What is Hospice and can I receive it while on Medicare? Often people ask me if Hospice is covered under Medicare? My answer is "yes it is."  I think that it is an under utilized benefit and is often called upon when a patient is near death. I also encourage my clients...

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